Hello, I'm liam.

about me:

I’m a sleepy human with a dark history of secrets and intrigue.

Have a good book or movie recommendation or just want to chat? I’m available at liam@liambeckman.com

Are you looking for a plucky developer with a small propensity for segmentation faults? Here are some links of interest:

about the website:

This website stores and presents various projects. It originally got up and running thanks to Jonathan McGlone’s wonderfully helpful guide.

The site is built by Jekyll, hosted on a personal server (Debian Testing on a ThinkPad X230), and encrypted by Let’s Encrypt/Certbot.


The website’s source code is yours. Feel free to copy and paste, fork, clone, or anything you like! To spin up your own site, follow the jekyll quick-start quide (adapted below) —

# Install ruby
# for OS-specific instructions, check out https://www.ruby-lang.org/en/downloads/

# Install Jekyll and Bundler gems through RubyGems
gem install jekyll bundler

# Install dependencies
bundle install

# Create a new Jekyll site at ./myblog
jekyll new myblog

# Alternatively, clone an existing jekyll site
# git clone https://github.com/lbeckman314/website

# Change into your new directory
cd myblog

# Build the site on the preview server
bundle exec jekyll serve

# Now browse to http://localhost:4000

# Then you can change the html/css files in your website directory (e.g. myblog/) to suit your tastes!

# Hosting is a whole 'nother beast, but services like github pages and gitlab pages make free hosting relatively easier.
# self-hosting with apache and/or nginx is another cool possibility!