Safety First

Be careful — this code might be very evil! Only compile and run this program if you trust me and the code herein.

Signed checksums and gpg signatures are included in every package for security. Here is an example of using the GNU Privacy Guard to verify the integrity of a program.


A shell for your evil deeds!

This is a minimalistic shell. It comes from the depths of hell, and can do lots of cool things!

Give it a Spin

Sick of ed and missing vi? Head on over to the xterm.js-powered web app for even more terminal goodness.


0. Prerequisites

gcc :: for compiling the shell.

git :: for a quick git clone.

If you are running Windows, the above utilities will be packaged in any of the following: babun, cmder, or Linux Subsystem for Windows. Take your pick! : )

The above utilities should be installed (or readily available) if you are running a Unix derivative (such as Linux, macOS, or any of the BSD’s).

1. Quickstart

# clone the git repo
git clone

# enter directory
cd devilish

# optionally inspect the makefile and main script
cat makefile | less
cat devilish.c | less

# compile

# run the script


0. Delete the directory/folder.

rm -rfI devilish


You will be provided with a prompt (:), from which you can do all sorts of shell magic!

# First off, how to exit
: exit

# I can take comments and blank lines

# I can run commands in the background
sleep 100 &
background pid is 31415

# I know standard unix commands
file 1
file 2
file 3

# Control-Z will run a foreground-only session
Entering foreground-only mode (& is now ignored)
Exiting foreground-only mode

# neato!