Tuesday, October 15, 2019 poem

Someone should tend the blackberries out front
(they don't need anything, it's just nice to think of them)
and fill the hummingbird feeders while you're there,
four parts water to sugar, very important to get that right.
make sure to pay the bill for the dance hall,
(is it still there?) on the first of the month.

The neighbors across the street have my tool set.
Try to get that back, especially the hammer. The nails don't matter.
Throw everything else away, none of it's valuable.
Except that watercolor from the beach, wherever it got to.
I should have left it in the shed, where it belongs.
Do you remember what he wrote?
"I love this — I love making it — and finding things, all by myself."
That's what I did today, with a few of these blackberries.