Dance around the maypole young doe
    join the flowers & lights & singing
        watch the dresses flutter in bloom
            and the hair swim in the warm summer air.

It is nighttime, young doe
    & and you lie alone on the earth
        like a leaf released and
            ready to sleep under

Are you asleep now young doe?
    Do you breathe a different time
        than the more lively and
            alive? Look! They are in
                bloom together!

While you, young foolish doe,
    lie alone in a different time —
        after the harvest, after the
            end of all this, ready to

So sleep now, sleep now young dow,
    if you do not wish to dance around
        the maypole, then sleep. & so
            ready yourself for the snowfalls
                of winter to bury you
                    while those above
    sleep in warm homes
      in eachother's arms
        after the dance
        in the summer air.