There is a measured degree of success
    in reading a book in an empty library
    with the ghosts of the authors as one's company.

Sing me a lullaby my sweet authors
Dance with me as I
    dance in your worlds for
        the time being.

Show me that life isn't scary, isn't to
    be feared but to be
        remembered in the writings and photos of the day.

Let us waltz and let us be friends without time to be
    remembered, with time to be cherised
May we watch the shadows and the candles play
    out constellations of human warmth, in an age of
        mosaic beauty and prompt excuses for song.

"So long as we are warm
    and so long as we are happy
    Never let me go, because without your arm
    entwined in mine,
        I would freeze and I would fall."